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Arko Shaving Soap in Bowl, 90gr

Stok Kodu : AR6
25.00 TL

There is a lot to write about the famous Arko Shaving Soap. This is a shaving soap of more than 60 years of age and still the choice of many wet shavers as well as many professionals. 

Almost everybody into traditional wet shaving will know this little gem. There are tons of people around the globe crazy for this soap. Our fathers shaved with it, our grandfathers shaved with it, and now we use it. Arko shaving soap is the most well-known shaving product from Turkey. It’s a traditional milled tallow soap with a very barbershop-like vintage scent. Arko soap will offer a very thick, rich and dense lather quickly. One thing to note, to prevent dryness, you must continue adding water bit by bit while whipping. It’ll accept much more water then you’d think. When you get a very shiny looking lather then you can proceed to shaving. This way it will provide a slick, hydrating lather for a great shave. Once you get used to it, Arko shaving soap will be one of your favorites. This soap with bowl is a classic, compatible with all your travels, and hard to beat with its super affordable price. 

Made in Turkey.

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