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Dovo 180 XL Razor Strop Russian Leather

Stok Kodu : 180 80002
1,050.00 TL

The German high quality shaving tools producer Dovo offers supplementary leather strops for their glamorous straight razors. 

Dovo 180 model straight razor strop is quite favored amongst straight razor users with its high quality cowhide leather and flawless stitching. It’s a double sided strop with one side leather and other side is hemp. Hemp side is great for cleaning and warming up the blade and can be used with pastes to keep your straight razors edge in best condition. This model is the largest Dovo model, it’s got a 80mm width, and since it will strop the whole edge at once you won’t have to use cross pattern for stropping your straight razors.

Made in Germany. 

  • Length : 575 mm
  • Width  :   80 mm

Stropping is probably the most sensitive part of straight razor usage. A regular and correct stropping can give your razor the power to serve you long long years, but an incorrect stropping can harm the cutting edge of your razor in a few seconds. We therefore prepared below video to show you how to strop a straight razor correctly. Please check: 

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