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Dovo Shavette, Olivewood Handle

Stok Kodu : 201071
480.00 TL

Dovo of Solingen, Germany has been producing premium cutlery tools since from 1906. It’s a very well-known if not the best-known brand in straight razor world and is one of the few remaining companies still make brand new straight razors for seasoned shaving enthusiasts. 

Dovo is known for their craftmanship and quality. Every Dovo model produced by seasoned workers with very high standards and precision. Dovo shavettes has always been popular amongst shavette users with their quality and affordable prices. 

Shavettes aka disposable/replaceable blade straight razors are great tools with no need for sharpening, honing, stropping or oiling. Just put in a suitable razor blade and you’re good to go. They can easily give extremely close shaves, but can also be very comfortable too in good hands. Shavettes are also great for finding the characteristics of a specific razor blade since everything is more prominent while shaving with shavettes compared to safety razors. They are also great starters in straight razor world. It’s a very clever idea to gain some experience with shavettes before proceeding to real straight razors; as they are much more serious tools. 

The Dovo 201071 shavette model, comes with a black colored aluminum head and genuine olive wood handle for a more traditional straight razor look. Dovo shavettes packaged with three blade holders, one clear, two black. This higher end model comes with an attractive blue metal box. 

Clear holder (Dovo 201003) uses single-edge barber blades or regular double edge razor blades or snapped in two.

Black holder (Dovo 201004) uses special blades, similar to double edge blades but longer, like a regular straight razor edge. Shavettes used with longer blades, have a similar shave feeling of regular steel straight razors.

Black holder with comb (Dovo 201002) uses special blades, similar to double edge blades but longer, like a regular straight razor edge. This holder is a combed design for longer whiskers, similar to open comb safety razors. 

Dovo shavettes comes with a regular and one long type razor blade in the box. For their affordable price and versatility Dovo shavettes are great for beginners. 

Made in Solingen, Germany.

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