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Edwin Jagger Men's Travel Kit with Gillette Mach3

Edwin Jagger
Stok Kodu : RT4M3
2,140.00 TL

Coming from Sheffield, England, Edwin Jagger razors are one of the most luxurious razors in the market, but surprisingly at a very reasonable price. They are very popular amongst shaving enthusiasts around the world. Edwin Jagger razors are one of the best razors in terms of workmanship and material quality, we guarantee that the moment you open the box you’ll fall in love with your razor. 

Some people still prefer to use cartridge razors and not many brands produce cartridge razors for luxury shaving enthusiasts, but Edwin Jagger does. And not surprisingly, their cartridge razors are top quality too. Just like safety razors, they’ve also proven themselves with cartridges razors. 

The Edwin Jagger RT4M3 Men's Travel Kit with Gillette Mach3 is a very compact travel set. So small you can put it in your pockets and forget it. This versatile travel set includes a short Gillette Mach 3 razor with nickel plated handle. A high quality nail clipper and a tweezer. This set comes with a classy Italian style brown leather carry case. RT4M3 set is designed for sleek gentlemen. 

Edwin Jagger razors are hand crafted in Sheffield, UK, using the advantages of improved skills gained from generations thanks to the Sheffield Steel Industry.

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