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Fatip Piccolo Slant Safety Razor, Dorato

Stok Kodu : 42153
620.00 TL

When it comes to traditional wet shavingthe Italians are enthusiastic fellows. All the goods coming from the Italy have the same kind of elaboration and Fatip double edge safety razors are no different. These double edge safety razors are popular as much as the brands like Merkur or Edwin Jagger. Fatip is not a new player on the market, actually it has been producing safety razors since from 1950. These are serious, masculine shaving tools to satisfy any traditional wet shaving enthusiast. 

Fatip Piccolo, is the shorter handled sibling of the Grande, but its heftier, still perfectly balanced in the hand. It’s a 3-piece design with an open comb head, and a and a peculiar design of the handle with oblique strings reminiscent of Ancient Greek architecture complimented with elegant knurled base that facilitates the screw opening of the head. Here is the long-awaited Fatip Slant (Storto) Safety Razor with oblique head for a guillotine like cut for an even more effective, effortless and irritation free shave. Razors with slant heads are favored among people with though and dense beards since they cut easier compared to straight heads. The logic behind this design; as the blade cuts the whiskers in an angled way, resulting a very smooth and close shave with fewer passes compared to regular safety razors. It can cut any types of whiskers with ease.

Meanwhile open comb safety razors are popular amongst shavers who prefer to shave less often and looking for a razor capable of cutting long hairs fast. We suggest combining Fatip open comb safety razors with milder blades to smooth out the shave. From there, you can step up to sharper blades to find your sweet spot. 

Piccolo 3-piece safety razors are made from machined brass, with a cast brass head plated with nickel, gold or chrome, this one being gold plated. Fatip safety razors are made in Italy, by the artisans of Premana.

Fatip Piccolo Double Edge Safety Razor specifications:

  • Overall height         : 80 mm
  • Handle height         : 71 mm
  • Head width             : 42 mm
  • Weight                    : 70 gr
  • Handle material      : Solid brass, gold plated
Razor Head
3 Piece Razor
Safety Bar
Open Comb
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