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G&F-Timor 1321 Double Edge Safety Razor

Giesen & Forsthoff - Timor
Stok Kodu : GF-1321
590.00 TL

Since 1920 Giesen & Forsthoff has been producing high quality shaving products. Timor is a registered trademark of Giesen & Forsthoff, known worldwide. Under the Timor brandthey are marketing a wide range of shaving products including double edge safety razors, blades, straight razors, honing strops, shaving brushes and manicure/pedicure tools. 

The 1321 borrows the vintage design of the highly regarded Gillette’s butterfly safety razors of the 60’s. Butterfly head razors are one-piece razors, with a TTO (twist to open) mechanism. This design is the most convenient for fast and effortless blade changing. Since it’s more complicated and pricier to produce, not many brands offer butterfly head safety razors nowadays. 

The 1321 is the same razor with the 1320, only differs in finishing. The razor’s body is brass with a gunmetal-chrome finish. With its short handle and lightweight it is excellent for beginners. Timor 1321 is one of the milder safety razors suitable for any skin types.

Made in China for Giesen & Forsthoff Timor brand, Solingen.

Giesen & Forsthoff - Timor 1321 Double Edge Safety Razor specifications:

  • Overall height         : 88 mm
  • Handle height         : 80 mm
  • Weight                   : 64 gr
  • Handle material      : Solid brass with gun metal-chrome finish 

Razor Head
Butterfly Razor
Safety Bar
Closed Comb
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