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Merkur Moustache Razor

Stok Kodu : 90 907 000
900.00 TL

Ah, Merkur... Is there anyone who doesn’t know or love Merkur brand? Chances are your first double edge safety razor when you start traditional wet shaving a Merkur will be your first razor. Merkur Stahlwaren GmbH & Co. of Solingen, founded in 1986 has been producing various safety razors all have a place in traditional wet shaving fans hearts. This experienced company is accepted as one of the most important names in the market. Every model has their own disciples, and most of the models are must have razors both for daily use or collecting in mind. 

Merkur offers a wide range of safety razors including open and closed comb heads, slanted heads, classical designs, modern designs, 2 or 3-piece models, adjustable razors, long or short handles, aggressive or mild models. You name it, Merkur has it. 

This model is a special one, it’s made for trimming the moustache and brow area. But can also be used for general trimming, sideburns and even eyebrows. It’s the perfect trimming and shaping tool for stylish users. 

At 26 grams it’s is a very lightweight, agile razor. It has a narrow head and uses special blades so that you can trim and shape even the most restricted areas. 

The Merkur moustache razor comes with polished chrome plating. 

Made in Solingen, Germany.

Merkur Moustache Razor specifications:

  • Overall height : 76 mm
  • Weight            : 26 gr
Razor Head
3 Piece Razor
Safety Bar
Closed Comb
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