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Organique Green Clay Mask (Acne & Impure Skin), 150gr

Stok Kodu : MB1762
119.50 TL

Organique Cosmetics is a Polish brand. They use hand-picked raw materials with rich compositions of active materials. They mostly use plant extracts and all their cosmetics and accessories offered in their portfolio, are allergy, dermatology, toxicology, microbiology and safety tested as per EU Cosmetics legislation and are also registered with appropriate authorities in Canada. 

Green clay for the face
Green Clay Pure Nature is a natural green clay, rich in macro- and microelements, recommended for contaminated and acne-prone skin, prone to inflammation. Perfect in anti-cellulite body treatments.

Properties of clay mask
It has strong resorptive properties, binds, among others: toxins, fatty substances, proteins, ions and free radicals. Green clay has antibacterial and soothing properties, reduces cellulite, firms and smoothes the skin.

How to use:

Green clay face mask: 2 teaspoons of clay + 1 teaspoon of water / hydrolatu + a small amount of nourishing oil. 

Body mask: (100 g of green clay [approx. 130 ml] + 70-80 ml of water + a small amount of light oil).

An addition to peels and baths.

ATTENTION! Metal accessories and bowls should not be used to prepare clay preparations.

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