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Parker 24C Double Edge Safety Razor, Open Comb

Stok Kodu : 24C
430.00 TL

Parker is a well-known Indian company in the traditional wet shaving world. It’s a family owned and operated brand house and have been producing fine shaving tools since from 1973. Parker has a wide range of designs from classical designs to modern ones, open or closed comb heads and even butterfly head designs just like old Gillette safety razors. It’s a hardworking company to satisfy their customers and improving their build quality with each new model. 

The Parker 24C isthe company’s first double edge safety razor with open comb head design. It’s a standard 3-piece design. 24C is the chrome plated handled version of the 26C model. The 24C is a long handled, hefty model and on the aggressive side. It’s no joke, it will cut any days of growth effortlessly. The long, knurled handle fits securely in your hand and the razor itself feels very robust but reassuring. 

The body is made from solid brass just like other parker double edge safety razors. Since its on the aggressive side, we recommend the 24C to experienced users. It’s best to use it for a few days of growth. If you prefer daily shaving or have sensitive skin you may choose a milder Parker model like the 22R. 

Parker Shaving products are handcrafted in India as a result of well engineering and extensive design tests.

Parker 24C Double Edge Safety Razor specifications:

  • -Overall height         : 101 mm
  • -Weight                   :  93 gr
  • -Handle material      : Genuine brass frame, chrome plated
Razor Head
3 Piece Razor
Safety Bar
Open Comb
Very Aggressive
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