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Parker TM-3 Gillette Mach3 Travel Razor Kit

Stok Kodu : TM-3
540.00 TL

Parker is a well-known Indian company in the traditional wet shaving world. It’s a family owned and operated brand house and have been producing fine shaving tools since from 1973. Parker has a wide range of designs from classical designs to modern ones, open or closed comb heads and even butterfly head designs just like old Gillette safety razors. It’s a hardworking company to satisfy their customers and improving their build quality with each new model. They also make some modern razors for cartridge lovers like this model. 

The Parker TM-3 Gillette Mach3 Travel Razor Kit is a beautiful travel cartridge razor. It’s got a handle made from solid brass plated with chrome and fitted with a Gillette Mach 3 head. It’s suitable with Mach 3 & Mach 3 Turbo heads. TM-3 is small enough for travel but still has a nice balance so that you can get close and smooth shaves out of it. Comes with a brown colored buffalo leather carry case. 

Parker Shaving products are handcrafted in India as a result ofwell engineering and extensive design tests.

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