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Shaving Kit with Brush
Stok Kodu : RZR-FT
282.00 TL

Some of our new members may hesitate to jump into traditional shaving with safety razors. We understand this as it is not easy to change one's habits of years.

We therefore collected this shaving kit together, to let them experience a clean, joyful and healthy wet shave without leaving their habits. Our aim here is to show them that even by switching to a soap & brush shave, the daily shaving routine can become something to look forward.

Gentlemen, once you switch to this kind of shaving, there will be no way back to the supermarket cans. You will notice the manly pleasure and privilage of shaving and will be looking forward to shave. After this step, you can either take another step to traditional shaving with a safety razor, or you can wet shave happily using just a shaving soap and brush for the rest of your life. This is why we highly reccommend you to try this shaving kit.

Shaving Kit with Brush includes:

  • *Wilkinson Sword Shaving Soap Bowl, 125gr (Made in Germany.)
  • *Yaqi Butterscotch Tuxedo Synthetic Saving Brush

Brush specifications: 

  • -Overall height     : 121 mm
  • -Loft size             :   57 mm
  • -Handle height     :   64 mm
  • -Handle diameter :   31 mm
  • -Made in China.

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