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SterimedENDO Ready Disinfectant 1lt

Stok Kodu : STR103
129.00 TL

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We claim that traditional shaving reduces the "cost-per-shave" via the long lifes of shaving equipment. But of course, it is a requirement to clean our shaving gear periodically to keep them in topfit condition.

We therefore have always been looking for the most ideal way to clean our shaving gear and we finally ended up with SterimedENDO Ready. This is in fact a medical disinfectant for cleaning and disinfecting various kinds of medical tools including metals, plastics, glass and ceramics. By it's nature it cleans all microorganisms including but not limited to HBV, HCV, HIV, all bactericidals, fungicides and all influenza viruses. It is fully appropriate for human skin and does not contain aldehyde, phenol or any toxic ingredients. This makes SterimedENDO a wonderful disinfectant for medical tools.

The reason why we selected this product for cleaning our shaving gear is it's perfect polishing and corrosion protection features thanks to the corrosion inhibitors included in the formula.

Important Note:

Keep away from children and food.

Do not use for cleaning living things.

Do not place aluminum pieces in the solution.

When cleaning vintage straight razors with bakelite or catalin handles, place the razor with handle-up position and do not place the handle in solution.

How to Use:

SterimedENDO Ready arrives you in a ready form and you can directly use it by pouring it into a jar. It is possible to keep it in the jar and use repeatedly many times. What you need to do is soaking your shaving gear into sterimedENDO for 15 to 20 minutes. It will be more efficient if you wash and clean your shaving equipment with warm water before soaking into SterimedENDO. When the waiting time is up, take your shaving gear out of the jar, rinse again with warm water and dry with a soft paper towel. If there are still some soap residues left on your shaving equipment, you will see, it gets off easily with a paper towel leaving a shine behind.

For usage, please check our video from our YouTube Channel:

Tested in accredited laboratories in Turkey and Germany

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