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Yaqi Mellon Double Edge Safety Razor, Chrome

YAQI Brush
Stok Kodu : RAC-1712
350.00 TL

Yaqi has been embraced by many shavers around the world and it’s not surprising since Yaqi provides good craftmanship at a very affordable pricing. They have been producing all kinds of shaving brush since from 2007 in Shijiazhuang, China. Yaqi mostly specializes in synthetic hair shaving brushes but have been expanding its range with double edge safety razor models.

The Yaqi Mellon DE Safety Razor is a 3-piece razor with open comb head design. Despite being an open comb, it's a mild razor and gives a very smooth and comfortable shave. If you like open comb safety razors but trying to find a gentle one, look no further. A great daily driver. This one come chrome plated. 

All Yaqi safety razors are very well balanced, agile tools with zinc alloy razor heads and brass handles. Don’t miss them, they are great bang for the buck!

Yaqi Mellon Double Edge Safety Razor specifications:

  • Overall height         : 95 mm
  • Handle height         : 91 mm
  • Weight                   : 83 gr
  • Handle material      : Brass, chrome plated
  • Razor head material: Zinc Alloy, chrome plated

Razor Head
3 Piece Razor
Safety Bar
Open Comb
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