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Yaqi Shaving Brush & Razor Stand, for 2x2

YAQI Brush
Stok Kodu : SS-1601
600.00 TL

Yaqi Shaving Brush company from China is the well known producer of high quality synthetic hair shaving brushes. They offer a broad range of brushes from small to large with colorful eye pleasing handles. Yaqi also provides different types of stands for their customers. Made from chrome plated solid brass, the functional Yaqi SS-1601 model brush & razor stand is designed for storing not only one but two sets at the same time! A great stand if you want to keep your favorite razors and brushes always in sight. 

The gorgeous Yaqi SS-1601 model brush & razor stand is suitable with most razors, and as for brushes; one side up to 26 mm and the other larger side up to 28 mm brushes. 

  • Height            : 156 mm
  • Base diameter :  74 mm
  • Weight            :  88 gr


Made in China.

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