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Zaza Footprint in Shaving History

13 May 2019
Zaza Footprint in Shaving History
Values generated by previous generations are sometimes overseen by todays generations. We, as traditional shaving enthusiasts, think that those values should be well preserved and carried over to next generations. That is why we are now going to mention Zaza Brand, which is one of the most prevailing brands in wet shaving world. Enjoy reading :) 

Wet Shaving for Beginners

22 September 2018
Wet Shaving for Beginners

So, you want to try wet shaving?

While wondering on one hand, on the other hand we know that you are afraid and have many questions about where to start when we read “blade”, “razor” or something. You are right. But do not be afraid. For generations, men shaved with these tools. More importantly, shaving was an enjoyable routine for them. We prepared this article so that you can change your morning routine into a pleasant habit.

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