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The miracle used for centuries: Alum

27 October 2019
The miracle used for centuries: Alum

First, let's start by understanding the alum itself:

Alum is a completely natural, odorless salt with a chemical formula; potassium aluminum sulfate. It is one of the ancient natural materials used by mankind in history. So much so that the ancient Egyptians who greatly cared about body hygiene were using it to avoid bad body odors thousands of years ago.

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There are many different uses of alum today, but it’s usage in traditional wet shaving is our focus. Alum is a strong astringent and hemostatic, it closes small cuts and nicks, cares irritation, tightens the pores and gives firmness to the skin, has anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties which prevents acne, pimples and ingrown hairs. It also soothes the irritated razorburn skin and prevent inflammation. Alum can also increase skin health with regular use. Additionally, it’s a great deodorant for armpits as it fights with the bacteria that create bad odors.

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An important point here is, not to mix the alum with so called “mineral deodorants”. Alum is a completely natural material obtained from nature. Whereas some commercially available mineral deodorants are synthetically produced from various mineral salts. Their appearance can be very similar. At this point, it is beneficial to check what you’re buying as a consumer. Alum does not prevent perspiration by blocking your sweat glands such synthetic mineral deodorants or antiperspirant products. The undesired body odors are generally caused by the bacteria that grow there. Alum cleans and prevents the growth of bacteria in these areas, thus prevents the odor in this way. When you use alum, you'll notice that you're able to sweat, but you don't smell bad. This is because the glands are not blocked. It cuts the odor very effectively and provides a sense of cleanliness. One of the best things about it; it is very economical; a small block of alum goes a very long time.

Another good thing about the alum, is that it is a great feedback of irritation-free your shave was. If you feel a tingling sensation while rubbing it, know that you have irritated your skin when shaving.  Ideally you shouldn’t feel any tingling when applying alum which means that you had a very good shave. But If you feel any tingling, it’s not a problem at all, alum will soothe and relieve your skin in very short time. Also, if you’ll be using a razor with a polished slippery handle, rub your fingers with alum, so it won’t slip out of your hand.

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But is Alum harmful?

Not if you don't eat plenty. If you do, it will definitely have various undesired side effects. But Alzheimer’s? Now lets stop there.

The word “aluminum”, which is often associated with Alzheimer's disease, is almost a bogey for us nowadays. However, any connection between the disease with aluminum have yet to be proven. The content of the alum is not the metal but a salt composition of aluminum. According to the World Health Organization (WHO); There is no evidence that aluminum is the primary cause of Alzheimer's disease, causes any pathology or accelerates the disease.

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Additionally, the content of alum is different than antiperspirants products. Alum contains potassium aluminum sulfate, while the antiperspirant products contain aluminum chloride and aluminum chlorolhydrate which are claimed to be risky. These are two different compositions. These last two salts react with peptides and amino acids in the skin and form a gel which blocks sweat glands, preventing perspiration. Whereas Potassium Alum sits on the surface of the skin without forming a gel where it prevents the bacteria responsible for causing sweaty odours from multiplying.


There are still many scientific studies searching a connection between the aluminum and the disease, yet no studies with alum. You can make your decision by researching the scientific studies on this subject yourself. However, we recommend not to be prejudiced about this natural product which has been used in ancient Egypt and the Far East for thousands of years. As long as looking at the label when buying and knowing what you are getting.

May your shaving pleasure ever last!

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