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Depot No.105 Invigorating Shampoo, 250ml

Stok Kodu : 105
350.00 TL

Depot from Italy, offers a wide range of products to satisfy men with specific needs. They combine high technology and traditional recipes to produce modern and high quality products. 

Depot No.105 cleanses the hair gently whilst respecting the natural balance of hair and scalp. Particularly suitable for weak,thinning hair that has lost its vigour. Formulated with delicate surfactants and without SLES. Can be used daily. 

Depot No.105 Invigorating Shampoo contents: 

  • *Delicate surfactants, balanced blend of innovative washing agents for an equilibrated cleansing
  • *Indian kino tree extract,with an anti-glycation,antioxidant,soothing and protective action
  • *A specific botanical complex, a blend of 5 plant extracts with specific and diverse beneficial actions on scalp and hair
  • *A multivitamin complex containing vitamins B5,B6,C,E and PP,with energizing,antioxidant and nourishing actions
  • *Eucalyptol, toning refreshing,gives fragrance
  • *Sorbitol and glycerine, humectant,sustains the hydration

Direction of use: Apply to damp hair and lather. Leave in for a few moments. Rinse and repeat if necessary. Proceed with a conditioning product to add more manageability and softness.

Made in Italy.

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