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Depot No.803 Daily Face Moisturizer, 50 ml

Stok Kodu : 803
279.00 TL

Depot from Italy, offers a wide range of products to satisfy men with specific needs. They combine high technology and traditional recipes to produce modern and high quality products. 

Depot No.803 Daily Face Moisturizer is formulated for daily use to help to give radiance to dull skin, strengthening the protective skin barrier and nourishing the skin, giving it balance without being greasy. Created for male skin, it helps to counteract skin dehydration.


  • *Hyaluronic acid, a film-forming agent that binds, withholds and gradually releases great quantities of water onto the skin. 
    *Glycosaminoglycans, long molecules that have a positive influence on the hydration of the skin and supports the biological action of the hyaluronic acid
    *Baobab derived active ingredient, specifically developed for male skin, it helps to improve elasticity and tone, giving skin a fresh and youthful appearance
    *Rice oil, emollient and nourishing
    *Soy oil, emollient and nourishing
    *Sunflower oil, emollient and nourishing, it has a protective action due to its antioxidant vitamin E content
    *Sorbitol, a humectant, it support the hydration of the skin preventing dehydration and dryness, it conditions the skin
    *Vitamin E derivative, antioxidant
    *UV filter, it contributes to protecting the skin from damage caused by UV rays.

Direction of use: Apply to cleansed face and neck and massage until completely absorbed.

Made in Italy.

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