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Depot No.804 Multi Action Eye Contour, 20ml

Stok Kodu : 804
279.00 TL

Depot from Italy, offers a wide range of products to satisfy men with specific needs. They combine high technology and traditional recipes to produce modern and high quality products. 

Depot No.804 Multi-action eye contour cream-serum is formulated to soften the signs of tiredness around the eyes and slow down the aging process, for a younger and brighter gaze. The eye area is the area of the face where the skin is thinnest, and it is the first to show signs of fatigue, dehydration and wrinkles.


  • *Plankton extract, counteracts the deterioration of collagen and elastin and signs of fatigue around the eyes, giving a brighter, more supple and smooth appearance
    *Caffeine, stimulates the microcirculation of the skin, counteracting water retention which creates bags in the tissue of the eye area
    *Baobab derived active ingredient, specifically developed for male skin, it helps to improve elasticity and tone, giving skin a fresh and youthful appearance
    *Soothing ingredient, a state-of-the-art ingredient with a calming and soothing action, particularly for sensitive skin
    *Grape leaf extract, a plant extract, it counteracts oxidative stress and contributes to making the skin smoother and softer
    *Oat extract, protects and conditions the skin
    *Pomegranate extract, protects and conditions the skin
    *Vitamin E, antioxidant

Direction of use: Apply by smoothing gently over the eye area morning and/or evening. Tap gently with the fingertips until completely absorbed to enhance the penetration of the product and the microcirculation of the skin.

Made in Italy.

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