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Derby Usta Shavette Razor Blades, 100pcs

Stok Kodu : DUY100
99.00 TL

Derby is a very popular brand both in Turkey and International market. It’s been being produced since from 1940 and presented to customers in more than 65 countries. Their “Extra” model has been a favorite razor blade of many user for years. Now the Azmusebat company, released a new series of Derby blades called Usta, which means master in English. These new blades are actually on for domestic market. They are different than regular Derby Extra blades. Derby Usta Shavette Razor Blades, blades are made from stainless steel, produced with a new honing technology and double polished. Most of our customers find these new blades to be sharper, similar to Permasharp blades. They offer very nice, smooth and close shave without irritation. These half blades are specially made for using with shavettes. 

Comes in a box containing 100 blades. Each blade is wrapped with wax paper. 

Made in Turkey. 

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