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Dovo Shavette Blade Holder Serrated Black

Stok Kodu : 201002
85.00 TL

Dovo of Solingen, Germany has been producing premium cutlery tools since from 1906. It’s a very well-known if not the best-known brand in straight razor world and is one of the few remaining companies still make brand new straight razors for seasoned shaving enthusiasts. 

Dovo is known for their craftmanship and quality. Every Dovo model produced by seasoned workers with very high standards and precision. Dovo shavettes has always been popular amongst shavette users with their quality and affordable prices.

The Dovo serrated black shavette blade holder is designed to use with standard Dovo long Shavette blades. Blades can easily be snapped in half to fit in the holder. To replace the blade, slide out the blade holder and insert half the blade into the holder. Ensure that the blade is aligned properly before shaving. This blade holder is ideal for cutting longer whiskers fast and effectively just like an open combed safety razor. 

Made in Germany.

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