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Feather Artist Club DX Japanese Razor

Stok Kodu : ACD-N
9,800.00 TL

Feather is one of the most respected brands in the traditional wet shaving community. Being a Japanese brand, you can easily imagine the craftmanship and material quality of their products. Indeed today, feather makes some of the highest quality tools with extreme precision. Their razor blades are accepted as world’s sharpest razor blades. Feather shavettes are very high-quality tools for serious users and very popular around the world. Actually, they are some of the highest quality shaving products money can buy. 

Shavettes aka disposable/replaceable blade straight razors are great tools with no need for sharpening, honing, stropping or oiling. Just put in a suitable razor blade and you’re good to go. They can easily give extremely close shaves, but can also be very comfortable too in good hands. Shavettes are also great for finding the characteristics of a specific razor blade since everything is more prominent while shaving with shavettes compared to safety razors. They are also great starters in straight razor world. It’s a very clever idea to gain some experience with shavettes before proceeding to real straight razors. As they are much more serious tools. 

The artist club DX non-folding Japanese type razors are produced with high-end materials and with extreme precision. There is no technical difference between the SS and DX series shavettes, but only slight cosmetic differences. The DX series razors have a more traditional look whereas the SS series look a bit more modern. The shaving heads are made from SUS317 stainless steel. The ergonomically shaped enamel gum scales of this particular model are made from elastoma resin which can withstand up to 135 degrees Celsius. You can literally boil these shavettes in water to disinfection or use ethyl alcohol if you prefer. Do NOT use sodium hypochlorite for cleaning purposes as it will damage your razor. 

The non-folding, traditional Japanese design comes from the Kamisori roots. Kamisori straight razors are Japan’s traditional straight razor design which has been around much before the regular straight razors. In our opinion, this is the best-looking feather shavette by far, every shape is elegantly curved, with a genuine Kamisori look, it has a perfect balance, the soft leather-like feeling gritty handle provides perfect grip and feels very nice in the hand.  It can’t get any better than this. These razors will provide you the best shave with modern tech with an authentic touch. Be mindful that this type of straight razors are only for well experienced straight razor users as they need great dexterity for proper handling. They are noticeably more difficult to use than western straight razors. If you’re a beginner we recommend getting a folding feather shavette instead. 

Feather has three types of special long shavette blades;
Feather Professional, Pro-Guard and Professional Super so you can choose the suitable type for your whiskers. These blades are industry’s best and guaranteed to give you really close and comfortable shaves. We have yet to find someone who doesn’t like the shave from Feather shavettes. They are great for home use but also for professional purposes. All models have perfect weight and balance for easy shaves. 

This Feather Artist Club DX Japanese Razor model comes with an exclusive gray blue handle. If you’re a beginner we recommend starting with Feather AC Proguard blades first. The Artist Club shavettes are for people who want the best. They won’t disappoint and will outlive you. 

Made in Japan with highest standards.

Feather Artist Club DX Japanese Razor specifications:

  • Length (when closed)  : 154 mm
  • Handle length             :   91 mm
  • Blade length                :  49 mm
  • Weight                        :   40 gr
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