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Merkur Futur 702 Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor, Gold Plated

Stok Kodu : 90 702 003
3,200.00 TL

Ah, Merkur... Is there anyone who doesn’t know or love Merkur brand? Chances are your first double edge safety razor when you start traditional wet shaving a Merkur will be your first razor. MerkurStahlwaren GmbH & Co. of Solingen, founded in 1986 has been producing various safety razors all have a place in traditional wet shaving fans hearts. This experienced company is accepted as one of the most important names in the market. Every model has their own disciples, and most of the models are must have razors both for daily use or collecting in mind. 

Merkur offers a wide range of safety razors including open and closed comb heads, slanted heads, classical designs, modern designs, 2 or 3-piece models, adjustable razors, long or short handles, aggressive or mild models. You name it, Merkur has it. 

Now, behold the Thor’s hammer! Actually, this was the nickname of Merkur’s Vision model. But since it was discontinued, the Futur bears that name nowadays. 

Merkur Futur 702 is an exceptional double edge safety razor. It’s a very futuristically designed, 2-piece safety razor with a special head. To change the blade all you need to pull out the head cover, place the razor blade on, then it pops in place. Simple as that. The Futur is also an adjustable razor.

With the adjustable design you turn the handle to adjust the shaving aggressiveness. You can dial from 1 to 6 with 1 being a mild narrow blade gap and 6 offering a very aggressive larger blade gap. Adjustable safety razors are very versatile tools and preferred by both beginners and experienced users. They can be combined with any double edge razor blades and whether you have a normal or sensitive skin it’s guaranteed you can find a suitable setting.

In traditional wet shaving world, there are some safety razors became cult objects with their own worshippers like the Edwin Jagger De8 series, Merkur Progress, Merkur Slant and this one the Futur. We can easily say that almost every shaving enthusiast would have a Futur in their collection. It’s one of the most popular and sold double edge safety razor models in the world. It’s also one of the most modern looking double edge safety razors. 

Merkur Futur is a large safety razor with a thick long handle, it’s quite heavy and built solidly. It’s a typical German engineering gem. Futur has very well balance, and thanks to its bulky head, it’s one of the most effective cutters on the market. If you need fast but close shaves, the Futur will satisfy you very well. This version comes with eye catching gold plating polished to excellence. 

Highly Recommended. Made in Solingen, Germany.

Merkur Futur 702 Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor specifications:

  • Overall height : 110 mm
  • Handle height :   97 mm
  • Weight            : 125 gr
  • Handle            : Distinctive long handle, gold plated
  • Razor head      : Gold plated adjustable head
Razor Head
2 Piece Razor,Adjustable Head
Safety Bar
Closed Comb
Medium,Aggressive,Very Aggressive
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