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Yaqi DE Safety Razor Head, Beast, Chrome

YAQI Brush
Stok Kodu : SRH013
250.00 TL

Gentlemen, you might have noticed that we group our safety razors as mild, medium, aggressive, very aggressive etc. Having shaved with this beast, we had a big difficulty on where to place it's aggressiveness. With our aggressiveness scale, we might name this as uber, ultra or something like that. One thing is clear, this is really a beast. Therefore, we recommend to new wet shavers not to read this page any further and continue for experienced wet shavers:
Think of a razor that makes two-passes shave only in one pass. If you continue to second pass, what you get is a BBS Shave with this. But on the other hand, we have not experienced any safety razor of this aggressiveness level which still shaves fluently and without biting or scratching. We are very impressed with that.
Here, it is important to combine this razor either with thicker, milder and comfortable blades or with sharp but very fluent type of blades.
If you like close shaves, you will love to use this razor head.

May your shaving pleasure ever last.

Yaqi Beast Open Comb Double Edge Safety Razor Head is suitable for all Yaqi razor handles as well as almost all safety razors with M5 screw.

Yaqi DE Safety Razor Head, Beast, Chrome specifications:

  • -Design                    : 2-pieces, beast, closed comb head
  • -Razor head materia : Chromed Zinc Alloy 
  • -Weight                    : 25 gr

Made in China.

Razor Head
2 Piece Razor
Safety Bar
Closed Comb
Very Aggressive
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