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Yaqi Moka Express Two Band Badger Shaving Brush

YAQI Brush
Stok Kodu : R173726
1,470.00 TL

Yaqi form north China is a potent contender on the synthetic shaving brush market. Since some people prefer synthetic brushes for various reasons, they offer great value with dense knot with super soft hairs and very affordable prices. But they also offer exceptional badger hair brushes.

Yaqi Moka Express Shaving Brush has a 26mm knot with two band badger hairs. This shaving brush will be your favorite SOTD brush because of palm grip type handle design, wonderfully backboned, soft badger bristles, suitable for both hard and soft soaps.

This is one of those shaving brushes, which we are locked into. Once you hold it in your hand, it connects to your emotions in seconds and you are done...

Yaqi Moka Express Two Band Badger Shaving Brush specifications: 

  • -Overall height     : 113 mm
  • -Loft size             :   55 mm
  • -Handle height     :   58 mm
  • -Handle diameter :   45 mm

Made in China.

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