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Zazor Double Edge Shavette Razor

Stok Kodu : ZZR1
199.00 TL

So you want to start straight razor shaving? Here is a shavette razor with "safety bars" for you: Zazor.

This razor will help you grasp the correct shaving angle when using a straight razor. It will give you a comfortable and safe shave, yet a close straight razor shave.

Zazor DE Shavette Razor is an ergonomic, well balanced, sweetly aggressive razor which you can use with both of your hands. The light aluminum body of this razor will give you a fluent shaving pleasure without tiring your skin. While it is suitable for your daily shaves, we especially recommend it for head shavers due to it's comfortable design. It is also compatible for professional barber use.

Zazor Double Edge Safety Razors are produced in Turkey.

Total Length : 165mm

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