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Charles Hake Charlex Straight Razor, Olivewood
Stok Kodu : RZR - CH
1,300.00 TL

Charlex Hake started his business in Brussels in the early 1900s. In addition to straight razors, he also produced and traded many other cutlery goods. Apart from the Charlex brand, there were also different name patents such as Le Resistant, Le Diabolo, Epatant. He registered the brand name "Charlex" in 1908. Their razors were usually made for the French market and forged and ground in Germany.

Our model Charles Hake Charlex Straight Razor on sale is also one of them. Therefore, it should be considered as a German straight razor. 11/16” in size, full hollow grind and carbon steel. We combined this beauty with polished olive wood scales. It has some old corrosion spots here and there but overall, very clean considering it’s being a century old. We gave it’s well balanced, easy to hone steel a mirror polish.

A very nice straight razor for both experienced and beginner straight razor users with its smooth, comfortable edge.

Straight Razor Care Instructions

Unlike any other shaving tools, straight razors require special care. The cutting edge must be protected from impacts and contact with any hard surface. After each shave you must clean and dry your straight razor with a soft paper towel without touching the very edge and strop it to keep it sharp. You can strop on the canvas side of your strop to clean the cutting edge after each shave.  Please do not try to sharpen your straight razor by yourself if you don’t have adequate honing experience, otherwise you can cause irreparable damage. You may consult our straight razor honing service. If you won’t be using your straight razor for a long time, it’s best to cover it with a thin coat of oil to keep it rust free. This is especially important for straight razors with carbon steels, as carbon steel is very prone to rust in humid conditions. Keep your straight razor in a dry place and out of children’s reach. 

CAUTION: Straight razors are serious tools for experienced users who know their faces, skins, whisker types and how to lather well. They can cause serious accidents and injuries in the hands of people without enough experience. If you’re enthusiastic about traditional wet shaving but don’t have the experience needed for using a straight razor, then we recommend checking out our double edge safety razors first.

Please note; comes only as straight razor; stand image was added as reference. 

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