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Chromium Oxide (Green) 100gr

Stok Kodu : KRO-01
129.00 TL

Chromium oxide is an indispensable product for experienced straight razor users. This substance, often used for producing green paint, has been used by straight razor users for many years because of its very fine abrasive properties. The abrasive particles are extremely small within approximately 0.5 micron, i.e. 30000 grits and will polish and refresh an existing edge to a mirror finish increasing its sharpness prior to stropping. It is not aggressive enough to bring a dull edge back to sharp. So it is not a substitude to honing the razor. 100 grams of CrOx is more than sufficient for a lifetime use.

Chromium oxide can be found in powder form or as wax compounds in the market. Powder form is more preferable since its pure. You can apply chromium oxide powder to the linen side of your razor strop or on a flattened balsa wood plate. Our recommendation is to drop a small amount of Ballistol oil into a bottle cap, add a very little amount of chromium oxide powder with the help of a toothpick and mix. Apply the mixture on balsa or linen surface, lightly covering the entire surface. Less is more with chromium oxide. Once you apply chromium oxide, you will likely use it for a long time without applying again. If you apply too much it can damage the edge rather than polishing it and will possibly dull it.

Instructions for Use:

  • Strop the freshly honed or slightly dulled razor on chromium oxide 5-10 passes just like stropping on leather. Clean the blade with cotton then strop on leather.
  • Do not apply pressure to the razor on chromium oxide and do not use too much strokes. Otherwise, it may roll the edge and ultimately dulling it since it’s a very effective abrasive.


1. DO NOT INHALE the chromium oxide powder. Use a respiratory mask and gloves when applying the powder.

2. Stropping your razor with chromium oxide is not a part of your daily shaving routine. You should do it only when your razors are slightly dulled.

3. You should use chromium oxide only if you are an experienced shaver with comptence in stropping techniques. Remember that chromium oxide will exaggerate any failures in stropping. So before buying this product, please make sure that you are experienced and competent enough to use it.

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