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Edwin Jagger DE87 Double Edge Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger
Stok Kodu : DE87BL
950.00 TL
Coming from Sheffield, England, Edwin Jagger 3-piece double edge safety razors are one of the most luxurious safety razors in the market, but surprisingly at a very reasonable price. The “De8” series safety razors are a popular choice amongst shaving enthusiasts around the world. Their mild to moderate blade exposure provides a very comfortable shave without irritating the skin thus making it a great choice for beginners. 
Whether you’re a beginner to traditional wet shaving or not, we are sure this safety razor will provide you very comfortable, close and delightful shaves each and every time. You’ve got long whiskers? No problem. You’re in a hurry? No problem. You need a bbs shave? Again, no problem. Edwin Jagger double edge safety razors will always satisfy as long as you maintain your shaving angle and combine it with the right razor blades. Since they are moderately mild razors, we suggest combining them with sharper blades, but of course it’s up to you. 
As long as you care for your Edwin Jagger razor and regularly clean it, you can pass it to your son or even to your grandchild, and they can use it for many years. 
Each De8 model have the same head, only differ with their handles. This model comes with animitation ivory handle which looks and feels calmingly warm. We send one Feather blade with each Edwin Jagger De8 safety razor, so you can enjoy it straight away. 
Edwin Jagger DE87BL Double Edge Safety Razor specifications:
  • Overall height         : 95 mm
  • Handle height         : 85 mm
  • Weight                    : 66 gr
  • Handle material      : Solid brass, high-grade resin ivory handle with chrome details
  • Razor head material: Die cast and hand polished, chrome plated head
  • Includes Feather DE blade, 1pcs

Edwin Jagger safety razors are hand crafted in the UK, using the advantages of improved skills gained from generations thanks to the Sheffield Steel Industry.

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