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  • Recommended Shaving Goods For Beginners

    Dear wet shavers, in this article, we are talking about the questions you ask us most. "I am just starting which razor should buy?", "is this razor blade suitable for me?", "what soap should I buy? You can find the answers in this article.

  • The Merkur Brand

    Hello dear friends. In this our article, we introduce you a shaving legend; German Merkur company. Let's take a detailed look at this brand, which is indispensable for traditional shaving and that almost everyone has heard of it one way or another.

  • Parker Razors

    So lets talk about the Parker brand in this article continuing our brand introductions series. Almost everyone who started wet shaving may have heard of the Parker, but sometimes people tend to focus more on European brands and underestimate Parker. Lets have a look.

  • Fatip Safety Razors

    Hello fellow traditional shavers, In today's article we will talk about a classic Italian brand; Fatip. We wanted to give some insight about the brand. We imagine most of you may have already heard or used a Fatip razor.

  • VLOG: Synthetic Saving Brushes

    In this article which we supplemented with a video, we talk about synthetic shaving brushes which are still trying to gain a place in the traditional shaving world. Today, we talk about their history of development, types and advantages. We also show you how to make perfect lathers with...

  • Care and Maintenance of Adjustable Safety Razors

    We have a more technical article for you this time. Having already talked about how to clean your general shaving equipment before, we will explain how to dismantle, clean and maintain your adjustable safety razors. 

  • Dovo Bismarck: History’s Fine Work

    We introduce you the Bismarck, one of the German Dovo’s most popular straight razor models. Dovo, a world-famous company has been producing straight razors since 1906, and the Bismarck since from 1957.Continue reading for details.

  • BBS Shave

    Hello everybody, We continue our Vlog series this time with bbs shave, again supported with a video. Super clean BBS (Baby Bottom Smooth) shave is an important shaving aspect in traditional wet shaving and always tried to be reached by beginners though not always with success.

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