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Erik Anton Berg Frameback Straight Razor, Stabilized Wood
Stok Kodu : RZR -ABF

Erik Anton Berg is one of Sweden's most important cutlery manufacturers. He is one of the top straight razor makers when it comes to Eskilstuna razors. He learned the profession alongside the pioneering masters of the period such as Heljestrand and Engström. He founded his company in 1879 and started to make straight razors. Anton Berg razors are renowned for their clean, soft and comfortable steels.

This Erik Anton Berg Frameback Straight Razor model is an antique, early model frameback in very good condition, measuring 5/8” and was produced in the late 1800s. For this straight razor we made gorgeous colored stabilized wood scales. This straight razor has a very soft velvet-like steel reflecting Anton Berg's frameback models of that era. It takes a good edge, gets sharpened and stropped very quickly and effortlessly.

Such an easy-going steel that even between passes you can noticeably increase the sharpness by stropping 5-10 times on the strop during the shave. We especially recommend this beautiful straight razor to our collector friends.

Straight Razor Care Instructions

Unlike any other shaving tools, straight razors require special care. The cutting edge must be protected from impacts and contact with any hard surface. After each shave you must clean and dry your straight razor with a soft paper towel without touching the very edge and strop it to keep it sharp. You can strop on the canvas side of your strop to clean the cutting edge after each shave.  Please do not try to sharpen your straight razor by yourself if you don’t have adequate honing experience, otherwise you can cause irreparable damage. You may consult our straight razor honing service. If you won’t be using your straight razor for a long time, it’s best to cover it with a thin coat of oil to keep it rust free. This is especially important for straight razors with carbon steels, as carbon steel is very prone to rust in humid conditions. Keep your straight razor in a dry place and out of children’s reach. 

CAUTION: Straight razors are serious tools for experienced users who know their faces, skins, whisker types and how to lather well. They can cause serious accidents and injuries in the hands of people without enough experience. If you’re enthusiastic about traditional wet shaving but don’t have the experience needed for using a straight razor, then we recommend checking out our double edge safety razors first.

Please note; comes only as straight razor; stand image was added as reference. 

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