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Parker A1R Travel Safety Razor Kit

Stok Kodu : A-1R
460.00 TL

Parker is a well-known Indian company in the traditional wet shaving world. It’s a family owned and operated brand house and have been producing fine shaving tools since from 1973. Parker has a wide range of designs from classical designs to modern ones, open or closed comb heads and even butterfly head designs just like old Gillette safety razors. It’s a hardworking company to satisfy their customers and improving their build quality with each new model.

Some people like travel razors, whether this may be merely a choice or an actual need, this set will satisfy anybody’s needs without a compromise. We know there are lots of traditional wet shaving lovers who need to travel a lot but doesn’t want to give up on their lovely safety razors and refuse to use plastic disposable razors. The solution is travel razors. There are only a few travel razors on the market right now. 

The Parker A1R is a traditional looking travel razor. It’s got a closed comb head and smaller knurled handle which unscrews into two pieces for smart storage.When dissembled it’s small enough to put it in your packet. 

A1R comes with a black leather carry case, so you can take it anywhere you want. Parker’s travel razor is made with all brass construction with chrome plating. This is a smaller and light double edge safety razor which will give you smooth comfortable shaves with ease. 

Parker Shaving products are handcrafted in India as a result of well engineering and extensive design tests.

Parker A1R Travel Safety Razor Kit specifications:

  • -Length              : 83 mm (when assembled)
  • -Weight              : 75 gr
  • -Handle Material : Genuine brass frame, chrome plated
  • -Leather case included
Razor Head
4 Piece Razor
Safety Bar
Closed Comb
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