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Parker 65R Double Edge Safety Razor

Stok Kodu : 65R
415.00 TL

Parker is a well-known Indian company in the traditional wet shaving world. It’s a family owned and operated brand house and have been producing fine shaving tools since from 1973. Parker has a wide range of designs from classical designs to modern ones, open or closed comb heads and even butterfly head designs just like old Gillette safety razors. It’s a hardworking company to satisfy their customers and improving their build quality with each new model. 

The Parker 65R is a beauty. It’s a standard 3-piece design with solid brass frame. The sandstone textured handle with black and gold plating is an absolute eyecatcher. Photos do not do justice to this beautiful oriental themed beauty. 65R is one of the most stylish and unique double edge safety razors in the market right now. 

The medium heavy razor feels great in the hand and despite being still a bit on the aggressive side, the straight bar head design provides comfortable shaves when combined with the right blades and maintaining the cutting angle.The sandstone texture on the handle helps with the grip. 

Parker Shaving products are handcrafted in India as a result of well engineering and extensive design tests.

Parker 65R Double Edge Safety Razor specifications:

  • -Overall height         : 101 mm
  • -Weight                   :  80 gr
  • -Handle material      : Genuine brass frame, black and gold plating with sandstone texture

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Safety Bar
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