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Pearl Shaving K2 Closed Comb Safety Razor, Dual Handle, Matte Chrome

Pearl Shaving
Stok Kodu : K2
860.00 TL

The name of the brand itself describes the quality of its products as word ‘PEARL’ stands for treasure! Pearl Shaving is an ISO 9001 Certified company and renowned as ‘MADHAV METAL INDUSTRIES’ group engaged in manufacturing, supply and export of shaving products, brass products, and metal parts since last two decades, located at Gujarat, India.

The PEARL SSH-05 Closed Comb Safety Razor is so perfectly engineered for weight and balance, it’s easy in the hand and reaches all the angles, making it a great choice for wet shavers. 

This razor delivers an incredibly close and comfortable shaving experience for normal or sensitive skin types. Package includes 10 pieces of Gentleman blades.

Made in India.

Pearl Shaving SSH-05 Closed Comb Safety Razor specifications:

  • -Total height             : 115mm
  • -Weight                    : 126gr
  • -Long handle height  : 100mm
  • -Short handle height :   75mm
  • -Handle material       : Brass metal with matte chrome
  • -Razor head material : Zinc Alloy 
Razor Head
3 Piece Razor
Safety Bar
Closed Comb
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