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Sirenol Witch Hazel, 300ml

Stok Kodu : S110
289.00 TL

Sirenol Witch Hazel cannot be sent by air freight for international orders due to its liquid content.

Witch hazel or 'hamamelis virginiana' in Latin, was discovered by American Indians in the 16th century.The locals believed that it had mystical powers when they noticed the dazzling yellow flowers of the witch hazel plant sleeping under the snow. They have collected the plants barksand leaves and used them in many areas. Witch hazel, which grows on the Atlantic coast from North America to Canada, is perhaps considered one of the miracles the natureoffers to humankind and has been being used as a traditional medicine for a very long time. 

Witch hazel is known for its many qualities, but especially for being an astringent. It relieves inflammation, reduces skin irritation, prevents acne, soothes skin, it’s rich in tannins thus heals your skin, fights infection. It also acts as a toner to cleanse the skin and close the pores. Several laboratory studies have shown that witch hazel have antioxidant effects. Because of these endless benefits, it has become one of the most used natural ingredients in skin cleaning and anti-aging products. 

Witch Hazel is so gentle that it can be used on nearly any type of skin. People with oily skin find that Witch Hazel helps them to achieve a balance other astringent can’t. Those with dry skin see the flakes leave while essential moisture remains. Sirenol Witch Hazel cleans, soothes and treats everyday skin irritations without overdrying or leaving behind irritating residue. 

Sirenol Witch Hazel does not contain GDO, gluten, parabens, silicons, sulphat, colorants, petroleum derivatives, artificail derivatives.

Ingredients: Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Twig /Bark Water, Alcohol 

Directions of use: Apply a small amount of product onto a cotton pad and clean your skin.Use daily after normal cleansing or before applying skin care.

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