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Zaza Gold Razor Blades, 100pcs

Stok Kodu : ZZ100
175.00 TL

Although not many know about this brand, Zaza is actually a very important brand in shaving world. Zaza is a Turkish company, founded by Pol Zazadze in 1917, they are the oldest existing industrial company in Turkey and the third oldest razor blade and hair clipper factory in the world. In 1931 Turkey’s first razor blade production factory was established. They have been producing more than 60 brands both for domestic and foreign markets including Zaza, Kartal, Lord (not to be confused with Egyptian Lord brand), Paul brands. In 60’s they established the Perma-Sharp brand. They also designed the first disposable razor in collaboration with Bic at that time. Zaza still produces double edge blades, shaving tools, brushes, clippers, scissors and all the other barber equipment’s. 

These Zaza Gold nostalgic blades are made from stainless steel and moderately sharp blades, giving smooth and comfortable shaves without irritating the skin. They are suitable for most skin and beard types. 

Comes in a box with 10 individually sealed packs each containing 10 blades, 100 in total. Each blade is wrapped with paper. 

Made in Turkey.


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