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Ali Biyikli Alum Block

Ali Bıyıklı
Stok Kodu : AB1
27.90 TL

Another classic product from Ali Biyikli. This super affordable alum is very popular in Turkey. 

Alum is widely used in traditional wet shaving as an aftershave product. It’s a colorless and odorless astringent compound chemically known as aluminum potassium sulfate. Alum is one of the oldest compounds used by humanity.It was known by ancient Egyptians. Alum is soluble in hot water, it’s a strong astringent and antiseptic.  It’s used to fight with acne and pimples. Closes the skin pores after shaving, stops the bleeding from minor cuts and nicks, provides relief for irritation, and razor burns. It has antibacterial effects so has long been used as a natural underarm deodorant. Also prevents infection from cuts and nicks. It will tone and smooth your skin effectively. It’s also a great indicator for your shave quality. The natural astringent qualities of the potassium alum will leave behind a slight tingle as it works to reduce irritation and redness from the shaving process. The stronger the tingle the faultier your shave was. Either your blade was dull, or your lather, angle or pressure were problematic. So, it’s a great little tool to see and learn from your mistakes for better future shaves. 

Directions of use: Rinse your face with cold water after the shave and rub the alum stone across the skin. Wait a few minutes and rinse with water. Give your skin some time to settle before applying additional aftershave products. Keep your alum block dry. 

Ali Biyikli Alum Block is made in Turkey.

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