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Depot No.904 Eau De Toilette, 100ml

Stok Kodu : 904
1,090.00 TL

This product contains alcohol. It cannot be sent by air freight for international orders.

Depot from Italy, offers a wide range of products to satisfy men with specific needs. They combine high technology and traditional recipes to produce modern and high quality products. 

Depot No.904 Eau De Toilette perfumes the skin in a delicate way. In the EAU DE TOILETTE the concentration of perfume is lower, therefore a greater presence of alcohol accentuates evaporation and emphasizes the initial impact. The top notes prevail underlining the vivacity of the fragrance and subsequently leaving room for a delicate trail. Depot No.904 Eau De Toilette has a fresh and slightly floral fragrance.

Directions of use: There are no real rules for applying a perfume. Everyone can interpret every situation, which also depends on personal taste, both in the choice of fragrance and in the way or in the particular point of the body where to apply it. For a fresh perfume, in a light concentration, like eau de toilette, it is to vaporize by describing a halo around the body; in this way you will have the sensation of enveloping yourself in its freshness.

Made in Italy.

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