Feather All Stainless AS-D2 Double Edge Safety Razor

Stok Kodu : ASD2
1,520.00 TL

Feather is one of the most respected brands in the traditional wet shaving community. Being a Japanese brand, you can easily imagine the craftmanship, and material quality of their products. Indeed today, feather makes some of the highest quality tools with extreme precision. Their double edge razor blades are accepted as world’s sharpest de blades. And the AS-D2 double edge safety razor share that same precision and craftmanship of the blades. Masterfully shaped and balanced, superbly finished and presented in a nice box. It’s almost you can’t find a slightest defect on this razor. It’s perfection and everybody wants one. 

The strangely named AS-D2 comes in a gorgeous satin finish. It’s very well balanced and weighted and holds the blade securely. This is one of the mildest double edge safety razers on the market right now. Therefore, we suggest combining it with sharper blades. Especially with the feather blades the AS-D2 provides wonderful shaves with zero irritation thanks to its head design. A perfect razor for daily shavers and people with sensitive skins. 

Feather All Stainless AS -D2 Double Edge Safety Razor specifications:

  • Overall height         : 89 mm
  • Weight                    : 90 gr
  • Handle material      : Solid stainless steel satin chrome finish

Made in Japan.

Razor Head
3 Piece Razor
Safety Bar
Closed Comb
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